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SRW varieties that continue to move the needle in both yield and disease resistance. The wheat evolution is here and continues to evolve more every year. Responds to management by packing a yield punch! Treated with Catapult Cereal for added protection. 

Frontier Seed is built on a foundation of forward thinking with integrity and driven by leadership that is youthful and highly motivated. We truly hope this is the year you set out on a New Frontier



Proven soybean varieties that you can trust to deliver year-in and year-out. Confidence is key and you have just that with yield winning soybeans that offer multiple herbicide tolerances. Treated with Catapult Complete and you have the complete package.


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​What sets Frontier apart from its competitors? Simple. Ask our growers. Frontier Seed is built on a foundation of forward thinking and integrity. Rooted in principle and product performance so our growers enjoy peace of mind.

Industry leading hybrids that have been rigorously tested to ensure maximum yield potential in any environment and soil type. Stacked with above and below ground pest control options as well as multiple herbicide tolerances defend your yield potential. Treated with Catapult Corn 5.0 for maximum seed protection.

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